30X Experiments


You’ll never truly know until you try

I believe in experimenting to help us figure out what we are capable of and what we enjoy. Humans are terrible at predicting how we will feel so in order to truly know, we have to take action. And because we are calling it an “experiment” we are lowering the bar to make a decision. What’s funny is that all decisions are reversible, but we make it feel like such a big deal, resulting in paralysis and stasis.

Let’s experiment, let’s do it for 30X, let’s go.


The 4.30am experiment

GOAL: 30 days of waking up at 4.30am:

  • Complete a workout

  • Journal

  • Mediate

  • Create

RESULT: It was a revealing exercise in will power and how the body acclimates to new experiences. The first few days were absolutely grueling. I was incredibly tired and there was a constant inner voice that yelled "GO BACK TO BED!". As the days gone by, the pain between my eyes tapered off and my inner voice stepped into the background. They didn't disappear, I've just taken the power away from it, but I still have to stare it down once in awhile. I've decided to ADOPT this practice as a routine. Read more in my posts!


The cold shower experiment

GOAL: 30 days of taking cold showers in the morning

PROGRESS: I’ve always been fascinated ever since I read about Wim Hof a few years ago - aka the Iceman. Now I’ve taken up this challenge to see what it is like to face the showerhead in the morning knowing that I’ll be blasted with cold water. By the way it’s winter in Minnesota, with negative degrees outside, definitely a different experience if it was sunny and hot. Read more in my posts!


The biking experiment

GOAL: 30 days of biking on the Peloton

PROGRESS: Investing in the Peloton bike probably meant I was going to do it for more than 30 days. This experiment in establishing certainty right from the beginning absolutely paid off. It’s the best health and fitness decision I’ve made in my life. Find out more in my blog posts!