Awareness of self

Knowing who you are is the beginning of acquiring knowledge, otherwise it’s useless. All the facts and figures in the world won't improve you as a person as long as you have no idea who you are. Self-awareness is a mindset and a constant pursuit, it’s not a destination you reach. To routinely examine and understand why you do the things you do and feel the way you do. Why you reacted the way you did. It serves as the foundation for shaping a journey you truly want to embark on. The search for your own truth will set the stage for a fulfilling life.

The impetus to understand yourself better comes at times of breakdowns, these are times when your subconscious has finally caught up with your conscious self. One way or another, you’ve not checked-in with yourself and took action to adjust, whether it's changing a belief or the changing your environment. Not being attuned to your subconscious, the build up of mis-alignment finally broke through. Have you ever had a moment when you just lost it? Probably not even due to what just happened to you, it was just the final straw, the pin that burst the bubble. And you are left feeling a swath of emotions. It’s at this time when there is usually some introspection. The path forward can take two directions – protect your ego and place blame on something other than yourself or a true journey of self-reflection to heighten your awareness.

As part of our discovery and steps to help you live your story, self-awareness will be one of the core components – it serves as the instrument panel in your flight plan. If you have no measure or gauge on how you are doing, you’re basically flying blind. Any plan or journey is going to be faced with reality and there is where the magic happens, the zigs and the zags and checking in with yourself routinely – not second guessing, reflecting and adjusting.

In my experience, one of the key obstacles to commit to a self awareness mindset is the ego and having the courage to face your shadow side.

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