Face your ego

A really insightful nugget I gathered from Tom Bilyeu (Impact Theory) is this idea of where we place our ego. One of the strongest drivers of our behaviors is our beliefs of who we are as a person and where this ego lies. The example Tom gave was about placing his ego on his smarts and his aha moment was when he found himself arguing with his partners for something that he didn’t believe in but eventually did win the argument. He was fighting for his ego, not for the good of his company. The most painful thing for anyone is when the ego gets hurt by reality. People go to extremes for their egos, they can lie, they can cheat, they can hurt people and they can take their own lives for the sake of their egos. Your ego and where you place it is extremely powerful. Through our process of discovery, you’ll get an understanding of your ego and how it relates to your life story.

Understanding this is the beginning to put intent around shifting your ego to your why and the value you bring to this world. Shift your ego to a more powerful place such that your personal growth as a person is not hindered, but actually fueled by it.

In order to find out where we place our ego, we will need to look at ourselves honestly, but also gently and empathetically. As the saying goes, we are only human. I’m not asking that you give yourself excuses, I’m asking that you are gentle and non-judgemental as you look into who you are as a person. Be kind, we all have our shadow and dark side, the only thing we need to do is to understand it. Seek to find the boxes in your mind that are shoved and hidden, but kindly and gently open them up and understand what's inside, why is it kept in a box. 

I’m no psychologist and if you’ve been through trauma or extreme circumstances, you should seek help from a professional, and addressing them will be a foundational part in your personal discovery, setting the stage to lead a more fulfilled life.

#LiveYourshowie chan