What is your life story?

Let's try to uncover your vision of how your life is "supposed to be". It could be a story that has been there since childhood, like you’ve always felt or have always thought you would be married with kids or making a living outdoors. Or it could be something you’ve recently felt very strongly towards. Think about the choices you’ve made in the past, what about them speaks to your story? What kind of life do you feel like you SHOULD be living? And how anxious do you feel if you’re not living it? If it’s significant, it’s an important part of your story.

What are some scenes that come to mind if it were a story/ movie? Some of you may say – Howie, I don’t have a vision of my life, that’s why I’m lost… I get it, and I will tell you that deep down, you have a story. I guarantee it, maybe you're not conscious of it because your life is so far away from that story, you've pushed it way down. Why? To avoid feeling like you've failed. Nobody likes to feel like a failure, but in order for us to shape a journey, we need to surface the implicit measures and story of our life, we need to face it.

To start surfacing your story or sharpening it, think about these five areas 10 years from now. Visualize a day that touches your work, your family, your health, your interests and ultimately your character traits.


  • Are you successful in your career? What are you doing?
  • Where are you doing it?
  • Are you leading people?
  • Are you financially wealthy? How wealthy? What does this wealth allow you to do?


  • Will you be married?
  • Will you have kids?
  • What kind of a relationship will you have with your partner and kids?
  • What kind of relationship do you have with your parents and extended family?
  • Where are you having dinner? 


  • Are you a healthy person? What can you do or not do?
  • How strict are you on your diet?
  • Are you a fit person?

Interests/ hobbies/ skills

  • Are there any special interests or hobbies that is a key component to your life story? How advanced would they be?


  • Are there any special characteristics about you that is a key component to your life story?
  • Are you mainstream, are you alternative?
  • Do you consider yourself worldly? Cultured? 
  • Do you consider yourself intelligent?
  • What other words would you describe yourself that if someone else mentioned it, you would smile and feel great

Have they always been the same? Do you remember these scenes from when you were younger? How have they changed? How do you feel visualizing it? Motivated or demoralized?

If a score of 10 is living your story 100%, where are you today? 2? 3? 4? And what are you doing to close the gap? Anything? Do you feel it’s enough? And if not, what do you need to do so it feels right?

Now you see your reason for feeling lost. There is no hiding now, it's time to figure out how to close the gap.

#LiveYours, Discoverhowie chan