Know what drives your behavior

We all have intrinsic needs and natural states. They drive our behavior whether or not you're conscious of it. By understanding what you innately seek, you can better understand how to shape your journey in order to live your story. If one of the things you see yourself doing is to build a company, and you have a strong need to belong and connect, you’ll either need to schedule friend and family time or find some co-founders to start that business. Otherwise you will burn out very quickly.

I believe in simplicity and action, so I'm not going to dive into archetypes and have us all be segmented into one of the 12 archetypes or go bananas on the different personality tests. They all add to your understanding, but at the core, there are only two to consider right now:

  • Stability: A need to have structure and routine, with a certainty about events and experiences. The feeling of control is important.


  • Variability: A need to have new, different and fresh experiences The feeling of excitement and exploration is important.


  • Independence: A need to make your own decisions and free of constraints and rules. Do things your own way. The feeling of freedom is important.


  • Belonging: A need to feel connected to everyone. Very empathetic and want to be part of the majority.

These are your intrinsic needs. Do you actively seek opportunities or activities that help fulfill them? When you take a look at your needs, what tensions are revealed? How do you strike a balance? 

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