Do! There is nothing more important

What habits do you need to develop to work towards closing the gap? what are the routines? Don’t even worry about the how right now – knowing what you know now, what routines do you need to put in place to move forward?

Let's say your life story is becoming a published author. Instead of becoming a writer or an author, realize that you already are – not a great one yet, but you already are. What do writers do? They write. How do you put together a routine for you to write? It’s prioritization. You are a husband, a wife, a father, a mother, a breadwinner, a homeowner, you bet we all have responsibilities. Map out your day, where can you cut time? I had to cut sleep (check out my first #30x project -  4.30am experiment).

Something has got to give and you need to be real. If you're not willing to dedicate some time to make your life story become reality, you need to change your story. Nothing wrong with that, you just need to reconcile your story and your routines. You will never become a published author if you never have time to write, you will never become an entrepreneur if you never have time to work on your business. Sounds silly, but you have to either make a routine out of it or change your story. Either way, you'll get to fulfillment, but either way requires a period of adaptation, acknowledgement and ultimately living in a new normal.

Shape a journey of routines that allow us to be happy and to be fulfilled. That's why routines are powerful, if you stick to a writing routine every single day, busting out 10 pages per day, you're going to be a published author, it's inevitable, you'll make it happen - 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, who cares when? But be gentle and enjoy the journey, if you beat yourself up every day, your existence will be stressful and it’s not going to help you live your story either. Align and reconcile – keep putting it out there, keep making progress, let your work see the light, get feedback, get emotional.

Make it easy, please.