#30X Day 30 of my 4.30am experiment

What is a habit? We all know what it is, because we all have them, but when can we truly categorize it as a habit? When does it truly become auto pilot? My belief is that a habit is formed when you find yourself noticing when you don't do something rather than when you do something. Feeling the film of build up on your teeth when you haven't brushed your teeth, feeling lethargic when you haven't worked out for the day. 

Today, not waking up at 4.30am doesn't feel detrimental, I'm just drenched in guilt. Trying to be consistent has not been easy. Especially when I travel, I am usually not willing to drop below 6 hours of sleep to be up at 4.30am in whichever time zone I'm in. The point is that I get a workout in, do some writing and thinking, journal and meditate. These core elements of my morning are what drives my 4.30am routine, not the act itself. Although waking up at this time does have other benefits

  • It trains the mind to comply to your will
  • Less distractions and interruptions
  • Getting a psychological win first thing in the morning

 I'm keeping this routine, even though I've kept it to the weekdays and weekends I'm usually going to bed later and waking up at around 6.30 am. Looking back at the past 30 days, I found myself battling the loud inner voice that grew incredibly loud and at the same time giving myself such a hard time if I missed a day due to travel. I think what's important is to be ok with breaks in the routine. Focus on the impact every single day, be grateful and proud about what you are embarking on and let each morning be full of energy and joy. 

The ongoing tweaks in this routine will start with:

  • How can I refine the elements within the morning routine to be the most impactful?
  • What sub-routines do I need to develop so I'm going from one thing to the next seamlessly? 

I'm extremely excited to take on the next #30X experiment. What will it be?