The inevitable journey: to miserable routine existence or unbridled success?

It's a combination of the right path and the right routines. Recently I've been very focused on creating the right routines. Programming time, activities and reactions that meet my needs, get me to a strong emotional state and react to negativity in a way that breaks the feedback loop. But I've also been thinking about how these routines while impactful, am I actually making the progress I could make? In other words, are my activities going to give me the returns I desire or even expect?

In an Impact Theory podcast interviewing Seth Godin, he mentioned the idea of mentors vs. heroes. Having a mentor really means having a coach, and this means finding someone who is willing to commit to doing that with you. For the many of us who are starting out on our journey, who would be willing to do that? The search of a mentor can be daunting and many times, just not practical? The idea of heroes though, is to model after someone you see online and on social. In today's digital world, it is often pretty easy to track the influencers and content creators in your space. 

Find heroes. Really dig into what they are doing, or what they have done. My next phase is making sure my path is right, executing on what my heroes have been tirelessly doing. Model, execute, measure.

Find yours!

#LiveYours, Shapehowie chan