Life As A Lab

The most important realization we need to have is that our goals are almost entirely made up of what our parents and what the people around us think they should be. Our goals are typically not ours. How do we shed these influences and really find out what we want? How do we create a system of routines that move us forward? How do we maximize serendipitous opportunities?

Discover your true story, shape your inevitable journey and create your "action-reactions".



Discover your true story.

Everyone has a story they see themselves living, sometimes it's top of mind, but often times it's buried behind layers of psychological walls. How do you judge your own success? What are the parameters in which you give yourself permission to be happy? These are tied to the story of your life and the needs of the protagonist - YOU. It can be limiting or it can be way beyond what you are willing to accomplish, either way, discovering it will bring you a sense of clarity. This is the foundation for how you shape your journey forward.



Shape your inevitable journey.

Failed resolutions, unfinished to-dos, dormant goals. Why is it that gym memberships skyrocket in January and 80% drop-off by the second week of February? The lack of routines! Passion and motivation may pull you forward, but these feelings are fleeting. Only routines, which gradually becomes a habit can inevitably get you to where you want to go. Guaranteed.  Your routine will face pressures from the people around you, your spouse, your friends, but the loudest and most critical voice will be yourself. An inevitable journey is like auto-pilot. You will get there, step by step, post by post.



Create your "action-reactions"

Armed with a clear story and an inevitable routine, now you need to put it in front of someone. Anyone. Doing is the first and most important step, you need to get rid of anything that is preventing you from doing. Once you start doing, you need to seek reaction. You can write all day long, but as long as nobody reads it, you don't move forward. Action-reaction, action-reaction, action-reaction. And as you experiment, you will face naysayers - as long as you are clear why you are doing this, you will not be swayed.