The “Dead Zone”

I was in the “dead zone” FOR MANY YEARS. different jobs, cities and countries, ups, downs and everything in-between. but life was good, dangerously good… consistently in the range of 4, 5, and 6 in a scale of 1 being miserable and 10 being ecstatic. however, there was not a feeling of fulfillment and life was not painful enough to force an “aha”. i was just stuck in the zone.


luckily i didn’t have to bottom out to get clarity, there was no big breakdown. by extracting learnings from hundreds of books, podcasts, videos and courses about personal development combined with years of experience building brands, i experimented and pieced together a framework that brought clarity to who I was and set in motion a system for a fulfilling life. this finally stopped an unproductive recurring pattern of getting motivated to reach a new goal and then second guessing if it was truly me - back to square one. but noT any more, today, i put something in front of me and i lunge after it.


A fulfilling life

i am now on a mission to help all those who feel stuck in the dead zone to break free. Folks who feel like life is not where it should be and facing this incredible inertia to stay in the dead zone because they have no idea what they want to do. i’m sharing the tools, the ideas and the perspectives that has helped me get clear about who i am, what i want and how to live fulfilled every single day. try it out for yourself!


30X: [thər-tē ˈeks] - n.

1. Improve your life to something unimaginable: 3X is multiple, 10X is exponential but 30X, unimaginable! 2. Deeply understand yourself: in the world of genome sequencing, the ultimate in “decoding” yourself, 30X is the standard for clinical grade accuracy and reliability 3. Try anything for 30 times: in 30 days, 30 weeks...either it becomes a habit or simply stop!

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A growth mindset

The key belief we all need in order to build a better life is that we can grow, we can change, that we are not static human beings because we are made to adapt. Because without this belief, it’s game over. Our mind is the most powerful tool to bring us what we desire, but it is also the first enemy we need to overcome. Armed with a growth mindset, we still need to fight against the reptilian brain that is ever so vigilant to protect us from discomfort, which then prevents our growth. My #30x 4.30am experience gave me a very real taste of how relentless that voice is, even when you’ve prepared and plotted to do what you intended, it’s still there constantly trying to talk you down. Not an easy feat fighting against that protective inner voice, but I try my best to overcome it daily. These are three philosophies I live by:




Everything starts here. You want fulfillment? You want happiness? You've got to dig deep down and do you. It's great to have mentors to look up to, but you'll never find true fulfillment if you're constantly looking to be somebody else. And if we can't face our deepest darkest selves, we can never hope to unleash the best version of ourselves. Question our beliefs, our actions and everything we take for granted. If you adopt a growth mindset, you will embark on a path of self-awareness to become a better version of yourself. Join me!


Creating positive emotions

Life encompasses both the sweet and the bitter, but why not focus on gifting and sharing more of the sweet? As humans, we already have a negative bias where our brains are more sensitive to unpleasant news and experiences. If I can spark positive emotions with the people I come in contact with, I can help spread some element of joy, which hopefully can start to tip the balance towards positivity. In the end, creating positive emotions makes me happy - I'm just doing me. 


Live to learn

This is a big one for me. I've lived my life moving across different countries, first having the opportunity to move from Singapore to the United States for college and have since worked and lived in Switzerland and The Netherlands. Living in a different culture is an immersive learning experience where all your senses are engaged. I've also moved from being a scientist to now a marketer launching brands and an advocate for everyone living out their story. My curiosity and thirst for knowledge has led me unconsciously for a very long time, but I have since explicitly organized my life to fulfill this deep seated need. 



"Seek struggle and you shall find joy”

Howie c.